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E​veryone loves the smell that a good candle produces and finding that good strong scent can be difficult.... well not anymore! I figured if I couldn't get the strong scents I craved I would create my own and now thanks to Back The Lane, you can enjoy them also.

All of my candles are highly scented with the finest oils in a wonderful clean burning soy wax. Yep you read that right - all natural soy wax. Not petroleum based paraffin waxes you buy in town. Living on a farm most of my life I've grown up in the middle of soybean fields so I definitely support American Farmers and you can too with each purchase. With soybeans being one of Ohio's top crops I'm thrilled to support these hard working people by using their harvests' to produce such wonderful smelling candles!

These environmentally friendly candles are a much cleaner candle to burn. It has been reported that when burned properly they produce between 80-90% less soot than a paraffin candle, making the air you breath not only pleasant smelling but safer and much healthier. They are much easier to clean up any accidental spills also! Just a little hot soapy water does the trick. (may need a little prewash on stronger colors) Soy candles last much longer than the normal paraffin wax candles making them more economical on your wallet as well. The natural soy wax melts at a lower temperature than paraffin waxes making your candle liquify quicker which in turn makes the scent appear much sooner.

This wax works great for wickless candle lovers as well. Electric tart burners/candle warmers work wonderful for this wax.

H​ome of the Officially Licensed Block O Air Freshener

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